lunedì 27 settembre 2010

Italia Film Streaming : Vincere Insieme 3

Vedilo senza Interruzioni evitando blocchi vari!

Zach Conroy and Celeste Mercier are the hottest couple on and off the ice until a nasty spill knocks Celeste out of competition. With their dreams of gold medals put in ice and their romance chilling as a result, Zach has to find another partner for the championship in Paris. And fast. In glides Alejandra Alex Delgado, a beautiful, tough talking hockey player with fierce moves and a fearless skating style. Zachs willing to give her a chance, but his coach, Bryan quits in a huff to train Zachs biggest rivals, Cindy Halgyord and Jason Bright. That leaves Zach with a newbie partner and no coach until he convinces former figure skating champ Jackie Dorsey to step in.

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